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losing magic?

In the Harry Potter universe, do you think a magical character could lose his/her ability to do magic? I don't think there are any examples of this in canon, but maybe I'm forgetting something. I'm asking because a friend and I were talking about Harry, and comparing him to other heroes. She wondered if he might be a hero who has to die (or "die", like Frodo) to save his world, and I just can't believe that JKR would kill him. But it did make me wonder what else he might have to lose. Harry has already experienced loss through the deaths of people he loves, and I'm quite sure that will happen again. But just piling on the deaths would get pretty repetitive, and I think that JKR would want a new, exciting form of possible or threatened suffering for the climax. So it occurred to me that aside from losing loved ones, a loss of his magical powers would probably be the worst thing that could happen to Harry. He would be a Muggle again, and even if he could still interact with the wizarding world to some extent, he would really be an outsider.

Thoughts? How much will JKR make Harry suffer?

It's also possible that Harry will follow the Luke Skywalker model, vanquishing his foe whatever it is he did after the end of Return of the Jedi. Live happily ever after, I guess.

Also, is anyone aware of good examples of a character permanently losing his/her magical powers in HP fanfic? I'm sure there must be some, but I can't come up with any just now.
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